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“Whitianga is one of the Coromandel’s main tourist hubs, but outside of the summer rush, this is a sweet and sleepy waterside town.

The town has done away with much of its colonial architecture, but its thriving arts, food and cultural scene makes up for it.

What’s going for it?

It’s beautiful. It has clean air. It’s sits on a lovely harbour. It has food festivals and art and culture. It’s a good spot.

What’s not?

It’s the end of the line in the Coromandel. There’s no decent shopping – you have to go to Waihi or Whangamata for that. The town centre could do with a do up. There are a lot of retirees, and no medical centre (although there’s one currently in planning).

What does the mayor say?

Mayor Sandra Goudie says: “Kick back in a beach resort location, where the air is good, the people friendly, and you can pick a multitude of outdoor activities from fishing, diving, yachting, surfing, ocean swimming, cycling or bush walking, to just watching it all going on from your front door.

“Whether you are 2 or 72, Whitianga is a great place to live. Think seafood, fresh food, fresh air and fresh vibes.”

Can you get a decent cup of coffee?

The French Fig on the main street is your best bet. It has free-range, free-farmed animal products, home baked goodies, fresh salads and fritters, plus good coffee.

What about culture?

You’re spoilt for choice. Blue Ginger, the pan-Asian restaurant on Blacksmith Lane, is as good as any you’d find along the Ponsonby strip, and more generous to boot.

The local arts scene is thriving with studios, am dram groups and a host of events sponsored by Creative Mercury Bay.

There’s a twin movie complex with reasonably priced wines and ice cream, and cushions and knee rugs to boot.

The annual scallop festival sees thousands of visitors consume more than 100,000 scallops, and every year Whitianga Summer Concert brings international acts to town – previous performances include Bonnie Tyler, Huey Lewis and the News, and Alanis Morrisette.

Can you afford a house?

Median house price is currently around $650,000, but apartments start in the mid 200s and basic three-bedroom standalones at $485,000.

Decent schools?

Closest to town is Mercury Bay High School with close to 1000 students and the impressive feat of allowing students to build aeroplanes for private clients.

There’s also a couple of well-regarded nurseries, and an English language school.

How well connected is it?

Slim pickings, to be honest. Buses leave Whitianga for Auckland twice a day – it’s a four-hour trip. Driving the same distance takes about two and a half hours.

The best public transport is the five-minute ferry trip across the water to Cook’s Beach. The ride is pretty, fast, and only a couple of bucks.”

We also think that the tyre shop in Whitianga is pretty good too!

Article taken from: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/06/why-you-should-move-to-whitianga.html

 Img from: http://www.corofirstnat.co.nz/paradise-coast/whitianga
Brilliant service, very helpful and friendly. All the little things were taken care of like spare put away neatly, tyres siliconed and the the valve markings perfectly aligned. Thanks!
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